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This wiki will provide useful and interesting information on the many, many nations, characters, factions, places and events which inhabit the world of the various City-States games.

The nations of the States games are an unusual and esoteric bunch, and it can be difficult to keep track of who is who and which person employs the bears. This wiki will be a useful resource to all players and observers, as it will be able to provide both basic and detailed information to players.

Crown[edit | edit source]

Crown is a states-inspired medieval fantasy RPG which features a lot of kingdom politics and military operations. You can view Crown articles at the following links; Crown is dead. Long live the Crown!

States Games[edit | edit source]

'Official' City-States games are run by Demonsul, but there have been games planned and run by other individuals as well.

City-States 1 (Link)[edit | edit source]

City-States 2 (Link)[edit | edit source]

Dreams of an Empire (Link)[edit | edit source]

Other States Games[edit | edit source]

RPs[edit | edit source]

A more comprehensive list of the different games is provided here.

Writing about your nation[edit | edit source]

Most details about your nation are up to you; the culture and history of your little empire is yours to decide. Make sure, though, that if you intend to add anything major to your nation, the GM knows about it - if he doesn't, it won't have any effect in-game, after all. And the GM has the last say in matters of your nation, too, so don't plan any abuse or stupidity and make him have to use it. This counts double in Gallogames where the GM/s is likely to set half the nation on fire as a result of trying to pull this.

If you wish to make a page for your nation (and the GM has yet to start one for whatever reason), observe the pages for Abady and Kezhang for an idea of what to include.

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